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For thousands of years we have grown or collected our food from healthy soil, rivers and seas.
In the Twenty First Century we are faced with polluted soils from fertilisers and contaminated seas and rivers. Our rivers and seas are polluted from the overuse and discarded plastics; our marine life is under threat and our land environment is changing from global warming.

The nutritional value of the food we bought fifty years ago is no longer in the food we eat today. In many instances, we are paying good, hard-earned money for unhealthy food that will lead to illness in children and possibly premature death in many young people. We are in fact be eating ourselves to death.
For change to happen we each individually need to take action for change to come about.
In my book, ‘Devils In Our Food,’ I’ve identified over 300 additives (devils) that are contributing to health problems in many people, including children. Long-term suffering from many diseases is on the increase and science, in many instances, is pointing to the food we are now eating and the processing of food that takes place while growing and in the manufacturing process.

In this new book on Devil Free Recipes –Without Additives, I’m introducing you to a new way of cooking and eating delicious food you can make at home.
The student is not forgotten, students on budgets can make mouth-watering food at the weekend or during holiday times, store it in the freezer and eat when needed.

I’m sure some older folk would like to help busy working mums with preparing food. If the mums bought the ingredients and a copy of the recipe was given, many older people, if asked, would be happy to cook healthy food for their families and loved ones.
Let’s enjoy the journey together and produce some exciting new recipes that can be eaten without fear.
With over 70 recipes, this new book will give different ideas to eating and preparing healthy food.

Please see our sample above: Devil Free Recipes – Recipes Without Dangerous Additives

Christine Thompson-Wells

Format:      Paperback          Size:          A4 21.59cm x 27.94cm

Pages:        112

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