Changes Facing Rosie – Paperback

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In a NEW and exciting approach, hormone characters help our children learn about how their body changes when growing up.

Understanding How Changes Happen to the Human Body When Girls Go Into Adulthood – A Story Book With A Practical Approach

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Rosie, lives in Bologna, Northern Italy. She goes the Lower Secondary school and has two good friends, Maria, and Isabella. Bologna is known for its annual children’s book fair. Rosie’s father is a book publisher, and her mother is a graphic designer. Whilst the book fair is important to the story, it is the story of how hormones work in the human body that takes the girls on a journey of discovery and interest.

As a baby grows, develops, and adapts to its environment, it soon becomes time for school. Before we know it, our child is entering puberty…! If both the parent and child are not prepared for what lies ahead of them, change in the relationship of both may be difficult to manage.

As a qualified teacher, I have taught hundreds, if not thousands of children in my forty years of being in and out of primary schools, junior schools, high schools and colleges, and university.

With such a rapidly changing world, if nothing else, we can give our children the information that builds life skills that helps them on the road to self-sustainability. And puberty education helps to ensure that your child is equipped with vital knowledge that helps to keep her safe as she masters her life journey.

It is with the journey of not only myself, but my students, that this collection of information has come together. It is with great love that I write the words I write within the many books I produce, and it is this love, that I give this information to you.

Format:      Paperback          Size:          A5

Pages:        85           ISBN: 978-0-6450890-2-8

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