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Christine Thompson Wells 

Prolific Author, Researcher, Problem Solver. And it all started with flowers…

Flowers are windows to human emotions. They are given in sadness and happiness, friendship and love, celebration and commiseration, annually to remember the day you were born and terminally to mourn the passing of loved ones. They are symbols of hope and joy, success and failure, peace and melancholy. Some convey specific meanings like devotion, passion, loyalty, rebirth, purity, strength and innocence.

As such, they are a prism through which to view humanity.

So it was when my customers used to come and go from my flower shop all those years ago in Canberra. Driven by a need to mark an occasion or symbolise warmth, they purchased buds and blooms and bouquets before passing their affectionate gift to another.

Watching these emotions walking in and out of my florist all day led me to a psychology degree and from there, well… I haven’t stopped researching and writing. You see, humanity requires a repository of knowledge and stories from which to build the next generation of great philosophers, business leaders, health professionals, happy children and safe family environments. We need to know help is available, accessible and digestible on topics of benefit to us so we may grow and prosper and leave a better world behind.

My most recent book, Devils in Our Food, is now on the shelves. It details how consumers have been hoodwinked by powerful corporate entities and government agencies that purport to protect our gut health and mental well-being. However, the fact is they are perpetrating unspeakable acts due to their desire to improve profits while turning a blind eye to increasing public health concerns like obesity, cancers, mental health disorders and diabetes.

Devils in Our Food describes how poisonous additives, which useless labelling standards prevent us from learning about, are regularly and without our consent increasingly permeating our daily food supply. These additives have been renamed so the public has no idea about their presence and the authorities have sat back and watched it all happen.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Christine, you’ve strayed a long way from flowers.”

Perhaps not. You see I’d prefer if we had more cheerful reasons to give them and that requires us all to be happier and healthier.


Previously authored books include –

  • Will Jones Space Adventures & The Money Formula (There are another 6 books written in this series and yet to be published) (First published 2002, 2005 & 2008)
  • 39 Steps & 39 Days To Debt Recovery (2008)
  • Making Cash Flow (2008)
  • How To Find Your Mind of Gold (2010)
  • The Game of Money (Published 2011 and under re-print)
  • Discover Your Selling Power (2012)
  • How To Write A How To Book (2012)
  • Selling Made Easy (2012)
  • How To Reduce Stress (2015)
  • The Golden Book of Whispering Poems (2017)
  • Healing & Wellbeing From Flowers & Plants (2018)
  • Stop Family Violence Now (2018)
  • Devils In Our Food – Shopping Handbook (2019)
  • Devils In Our Food (2020)
  • Devil Free Recipes – Recipes Without Dangerous Additives (Release Date – September 2020)

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